Can measured data be accessed by other programs?

Measurement data are saved on hard disk in binary format. This data set can be converted by a provided function to ASCII format (.xlu format recognisable by Excel) for further post-processing.

How many measured profiles can be saved during measurement?

Number of saved data is only limited by available space on computer hard disk. This usually is just theoretical limitation. Number of profiles which can be saved is therefore practically unlimited.

Can UVP Monitor calculate turbulence power spectra?

Yes, with the help of an additional program package.

Is UVP Monitor capable of recording time history of flow?

Yes, very easily. Single measurements are recorded with frequency comparable with video recorder rate. Such time 'movie' can then be - in addition to normal computational processing - played on computer screen as 'movie' of flow.
Moreover in the data file a time stamp can be added to each profile measurement if needed.