Is it possible to synchronise UVP Monitor with external events?

UVP Monitor features synchronisation input for TTL-level synchronisation (0-5V, min 20 ns), and with different modes of triggering. This enables to synchronise measurements of periodic flows (e.g. piston pumps), or to measure transient events (e.g. valve opening).

Is it possible to connect UVP Monitor to a computer?

UVP Monitor itself already contains full PC-compatible computer. This computer can be connected through standard serial ports or Ethernet network card to other computers or to computer network.

Can UVP Monitor use external display?

Yes. While the integrated 8.4" color LCD screen is suitable for outdoors data logging, for inside laboratory and for data processing it is more convenient to use larger external display through UVP-XW VGA connector.

What operating system is delivered with UVP Monitor internal computer?

Currently it is Windows NT 4.0, chosen for its reliability and true multitasking ability compared with Windows 95/98. In the future, the operating system might change for most recent high-end operating systems.