High precision made in Switzerland

We develop and produce our technology in a culture renowned for its creativity and pragmatism, designing products that have proven to be precise, reliable and durable over time.

Worldwide distribution

Evolving in an international context, we partner with a network of agents active in more than thirty countries, cultivating a close relationship with our users with expertise and experience.

Pioneer of ultrasonic velocimetry

Since 1990 we have been inspired and stimulated by a varied community of scientists and engineers, who bridge research and field applications using our measuring instruments.


Flow Metering

Research & Education

Applications fields at a glance

Our measuring instruments can be applied to both transparent and opaque liquid flows, used for a wide range of applications in research laboratories, industrial pilot plants, field surveys, for example for structural design, flow analysis, rheological studies, or even process control....


Meet the UVP user community

Here you will find a selection of publications presenting experimental studies using our products, in the frame of PhD thesis, mandated research, educational lab experiments, etc., listed by different criteria.

Digital Library


We asked some of our reference customers who have used our technology for several years to tell us about their experience with it, and to relate how it has helped them to develop their research activities from a broad perspective.

Some references