Industry & processes

The dynamic of industrial liquid flows are often not very well known, circulating in complex installations with difficult access for probing, while being of opaque nature or flowing at high temperatures.

UVP technique offers new potentials in this field, making it possible to measure all kind of solid suspensions through-the-wall, providing structural information when combined with other measurement. Our instruments has been used for more than two decades in labs reproducing various industrial processes, used sometimes directly in factories.

Typical applications

Agro-food production, brewery, chocolate factory, fish farming, petroleum extraction & refining, oil transport, fermentation tank, chemical reactor, mixing vessel, metal casting, paper production, cosmetics, construction industry, mining, material science, friction reduction, toxic waste monitoring and management, process quality check

Typical measured liquids

Chocolate fat, cocoa butter, oil multiphase flow, tailing, water suspension, liquid mercury, liquid aluminium, cellulose suspension, shampoo, cement grout, mineral suspension

Typical UVP instrument set-up

  • Profiler: single-probe, multi-probe, trigger input, raw data acquisition (demodulated echo), 1D, 2D
  • Transducers: standard TX 0,5 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 MHz
  • Software: UVP software, Matlab import utility, ActiveX libraries
  • Accessories: acoustic gel

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