Tailor-made solutions

Met-Flow can design tailor-made UVP instruments to meet specific needs, adapting our standard products or designing a new UVP device from scratch, from a stand-alone single unit to an industrial product.

In fact, at regular intervals in our history, we have developed several custom-made devices based on our technology, to address special application of liquid flows velocimetry, often first validated with our standard products in renowned research centers.

You have any special project, any special idea to include our technology in your research activities or integrate it in your own products?

Please contact us to discuss your project and needs…

Please find below some examples of tailor-made products designed by Metflow.


UVP-FM “Flight Model”

UVP-FM is a miniaturized Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler instrument, developed for the Japanese Space Agency JAXA in the early years 2000.

This particular device was intended for velocity measurement in a micro-gravity environment for a crystal growth study, in the scientific laboratory of the International Space Station (ISS). Its robust design has been subject to specific standards, using components approved by the space and military industry, subjected to binding resistance tests due to its transport in rocket and its use in a very secure environment.

This “space UVP” was used in the ISS between 2006 and 2009.


UVP-DAQ “Data Acquisition”

UVP-DAQ is a prototype developed for the agro-food industry, in partnership with a laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich branch, following consequent research work initiated with our standard UVP in the mid-nineties until the early years 2010.

Its purpose is to enhance process control in food production facilities, providing rheometric information in-line and in real-time, in particular dynamic viscosity profiles along the pipe cross section.



UVP-Flowmeter is the core element of a high-precision portable flow meter, based on velocity profiling, which we have been developing for over one decade with a major industrial partner, active in hydrometry.

The high precision achieved combined with high spatial resolution enables measurement in shallow water, in complex or changing flows.

This product is now on the market, being used worldwide for surveys and specific field measurement.