Products: Accessories

A collection of various accessories are available to complement your UVP device and facilitate your measurement experience.

Some are included with your original UVP-DUO package and some others are optional. Here is a list of the various items we propose:

  • Coupling gel
  • Acoustic reflectors
  • Transducer cable extension
  • Transport case
  • Transducer holder
  • Instrument cables

Coupling gel

Ultrasound coupling gel is used for through-wall UVP measurement, namely when the transducer is placed outside the liquid container. Its function is to acoustically connect the transducer front face to the solid container wall, filling the air gap in between that does not transmit UVP acoustic signals.

With each UVP-DUO we provide one bottle of highly viscous industrial coupling gel (250 ml). Our coupling gel is soluble in water, non-aggressive to skin and environment-friendly.

Please contact us if you need any additional gel bottle.

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Acoustic reflectors

In certain liquid flows, natural solid or gas particles in suspension are not sufficient to generate sufficient echo signals for UVP measurement method. For such situations the addition of solid acoustic reflectors is necessary.

The selected particles density should be as close as possible to the liquid density to minimize inertial and buoyancy effects, while their acoustic impedance should be as far as possible to maximize the acoustic reflection.

Particles size should be around the quarter of wavelength of the emitted ultrasound to both optimize signal reflection and transmission.We propose Copolyamid acoustic reflectors for water-based applications, in 250 ml bottles.

For large liquid volumes with high velocity flows, or in installation where solid particles addition is an issue, a good alternative would be gas bubbles injection, which is in principle non-polluting. Some of our UVP users in hydraulics has develop a simple hydrogen bubble generator system, please contact us if interested.

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Transducer cable extension

On demand, cable extensions are available to increase the distance between the UVP profiler and the transducers measurement location.

Signal cables length reduction is though highly recommended to minimize signal attenuation, given the weak signals transmitted, possibly subject to interferences in strong electro-magnetic environments. We guarantee reliable operation up to our standard 4 meters cable length, even if a few users have experienced successful measurement with 20 meters extensions.

We provide high quality shielded RG316 coaxial cable extensions, with low line losses and a high resistance sheath.

Transport case

With each UVP-DUO we offer a compact and sturdy transport case, custom-made for the profiler plus its accessories. It integrates wheels and handles to be transported easily, and fit in the standard checked baggage size and weight for air transport, at no additional charges (<23 kg and <158 cm cumulated).

UVP-DUO transport case can be ordered optionally, for instance for UVP-DUO users before 2011, as we have included them in UVP-DUO package since then.

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Transducer holder

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Instrument cables

With each UVP-DUO we provide the following cables:

  • one Ethernet crossed cable : instrument control and data transfer
  • one RS-232 cable : IP settings and instrument service
  • one power cord : instrument power supply, if possible with destination country plug standard

Please contact us for any additional cable you may need.

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