Products: rental, consulting and training

Being a new user of our products and associated measuring technique, as a recent buyer or discovering Metflow’s equipment in your lab, you might be interested in getting a personal training to start working smoothly and efficiently with your device.

We propose a tailor-made UVP training, sending one of our technical specialist on site to teach you how to use your UVP equipment, including both theoretical introduction and practical use directly on your experiment.

Alternatively you might also be interested in getting some support and expertise from us for specific measurement campaigns, using your own equipment or a leased one.


In case of a specific need for UVP measurements, for example for a preliminary test of the method applicability or having a limited budget, we offer our UVP devices for rental, on a daily or monthly basis. We also offer a rental sale option, in case convinced of your measurement results, ultimately willing to acquire a UVP equipment.


If you are not sure about the applicability, feasibility or settings, we offer dedicated consulting service on-site to setup the device with the right parameters and configurations of probes, probe holders, reflectors and more. Please contact us to define a custom service to your needs.


We provide a remote session training with the purchase of each UVP-DUO. But if you need more training and support we can provide remote or on-site training and support at your convenience.

Please contact us