Since its foundation in 1990, Met-Flow has pioneered the development of Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP) technology to uses in a wide range of applications, from complex multidimensional flow structures to special opaque liquids found in industry.

Originally used for medical diagnosis, ultrasonic velocimetry was adapted for research laboratories, first in nuclear physics measuring flows of opaque liquid metals. Given the very promising results and the new type of spatio-temporal data obtained, UVP measurement method quickly spread to other areas of research, such as environmental hydraulic and food process.

Given the robustness of UVP measurement technique and the flexibility of Met-Flow products, some industries started to use it in pilot plants to better understand their processes and improve their production, while some researchers have even used it in the field.

In parallel with its standard laboratory instrument, Met-Flow has regularly developed tailor-made products for specific use, for instance for the aerospace and hydraulic industries.

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