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YearTitleAuthorCo-authorsFieldKeywordsRead and DownloadLinks to editor's website
2023Rock-Flow Cell Parameters Evaluation Using Ultrasound Doppler
Stakowian, AndreL., Dextre, Gino N. D., Botton, Luís F., Dos Santos, Eduardo,
N.1, Coutinho, Fabio, R., Ofuchi, César, Y.1, Da Silva, M, J., De Cesare, G.,
Morales, R, E, M., Mariette, O.
Research & educationRock-Flow Cell, Doppler Velocimetry, Multi-Phase Flow, Velocity Profileread
2023Physical modeling and UVP monitoring yield an efficient protection of a lake reedbed from erosionVecsernyes ZsoltAndreini Nicolas, Wohlwend Florent, Gobat Karine, Jaeger
Amandine, Venturi André
Environmentalphysical hydraulic model, Met-Flow UVP probes, reedbed protection, breakwater, lake revitalisation read
2023Influence of the shear stress on fine sediment exchanges with the substrate using UVP measurementsRomain DubuisGiovanni De CesareEnvironmentalFine sediment deposition, UVP, Shear velocity, Surface clogging, Velocity profileread
2023Implementation of autocorrelation algorithm in VHDL for UVP instrumentationIsadora Fernanda Zappe SchmidtFabio Rizental Coutinho, Andre Luis
Stakowian, Cesar Yutaka Ofuchi, Marco Jose da Silva, Flavio Neves Jr, and
Rigoberto Eleazar Melgarejo Morales
Research & educationUltrasound, Doppler effect, Flow measurement, Field programmable gate array, Phase-shift
2023Classification of Flow Regimes in Bubble Column Using the Integration of Ultrasound and KNN AlgorithmWongsakorn WongsarojJiddilok Pulsawat, Naruki Shoji, Natee Thong-Un,
Weerachon Treenusorn and Hiroshige Kikura
Research & educationUltrasonic, Flow regime, KNNread
2023Characterization of Thruster-Induced Turbulence for Fine Sediment SuspensionMontana MarshallAzin Amini, Giovanni De Cesare , and Andre Luis StakowianEnergyreservoir sedimentation, storage losses, sediment routing, turbidity currents, dam safety, sediment
suspension, thrusters, hydrodynamics, long range Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP), turbulence, Met-Flow
2023Applications of ultrasonic spinning rheometryYuji TasakaKohei Ohie, Hiroshi Chin, Akihide Takano, Taiki Yoshida, Yuichi
Industry & processesVelocity profiling, Rheometry, Viscosity curve, Heterogeneous materials read
2023Analysis of Flow Behavior and Evaluation of Agitation Performance by Impeller Using UVPHiroya OkumuraKohei Takasaka, Naoto Ohmura, A Ishihata Industry & processesmixing, stirrer, Parallel Puddle®, UVPread
2022A method for evaluating time-resolved rheological functionalities of fluid foodsKohei OhieHaruko Chiba, Satomi Kumagai, Taiki Yoshida, Yuji TasakaIndustry & processesDigestive enzyme, shear thinning, thickener, transition, ultrasoundRead & Download the PDFLink
2022Flow Prediction of Complex Fluids in a Circular Pipe by Utilizing a Velocity-Profiling-Assisted RheometerKohei OhieTaiki Yoshida, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi MuraiIndustry & processesFluid dynamics, Fluids, Plant derived food, Polyacrylamide, StressRead & Download the PDFLink
2022In Situ Measurement of Instantaneous Viscosity Curve of Fluids in a Reserve TankTaiki YoshidaKohei Ohie, Yuji TasakaIndustry & processesIn Situ Measurement, Instantaneous Viscosity Curve, Reserve Tank, Rheological Properties, Ultrasonic Spinning Rheometry, Velocity Profiling, Chemical Reaction ProcessesRead & Download the PDFLink
2022Ultrasound velocity profiling technique for in-line rheological measurements: A prospective reviewShwetank KrishnaGerhard Thonhauser, Sunil Kumar, Asad Elmgerbi, Krishna RaviIndustry & processesReview, Ultrasound velocity profiling, rehology, industryLink
2022Physical and numerical characterisation of an agitated tubular reactor (ATR) for intensification of chemical processesHugh P. RiceYi Hea, Frans L. Mullera, Andrew E. Baylya, Robert Ashed, Andrew Karras, Ali Hassanpour, Richard A. Bourne, Michael Fairweather, Timothy N. HunterEnergyAgitated reactor, Lattice Boltzmann methods (LBM) Intensified plug-flow, Mixing dynamics, Process intensificationRead & Download the PDFLink
2021Characterizing Flocculated Suspensions with an Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler in Backscatter ModeSerish Tanya HussainJeffrey Peakall, Martyn Barnes, Timothy HunterEnergyUVP, Attenuation coefficients, Calcium carbonate, Flocculation, Nuclear wastereadLink
2021Simultaneous velocity and concentration profiling of nuclear waste suspensions in pipe-flow, using ultrasonic Doppler and backscatter analysisSerish Tanya HussainJeffrey Peakall, Martyn Barnes, Timothy HunterEnergyNuclear waste, suspension profiling, UVP, backscatter analysisreadLink
2021Overview of Ultrasonic Spinning Rheometry: Application to Complex FluidsTaiki YoshidaYuji Tasaka, Kohei Ohie and Yuichi MuraiIndustry & processesUltrasonic spinning rheometry, USR, multi-phase state, complex fluids, Viscoelasticity, Unsteady shear flowreadLink
2021Ultrasonic velocity profiler applied to explore viscosity–pressure fields and their coupling in inelastic shear‐thinning vortex streetsNeetu TiwariYuichi MuraiIndustry & processesviscosity, rheometry, inelastic shear-thinning fluids, vortex street structurereadLink
2021Nonintrusive In-Line Rheometry Using Ultrasonic Velocity ProfilingTasaka, YujiYoshida, Taiki; Murai, YuichiIndustry & processesIn-line rehometry, UVPreadLink
2020Measurement of the inner structure of turbidity currents by ultrasound velocity profilingJumpei HitomiShun Nomura, Yuichi Murai, Giovanni De Cesare, Yuji Tasaka, Yasushi Takeda, Hyun Jin Park, Hide SakaguchiEnvironmentalTurbidity current, Velocity field, Two-fluid model, Ultrasound Doppler velocity profiling, Flume experimentRead & Download the PDFLink
2020Extending acoustic in-line pipe rheometry and friction factor modeling to low-Reynolds-number, non-Newtonian slurriesHugh P. RiceJamie L. Pilgrim, David Harbottle, Timothy N. HunterIndustry & processesAcoustic methods, Doppler velocimetry, in-line rheometry, multiphase flow, pipe flowdownload

2019Inner flow structures of turbidity currents based on applied ultrasonic techniquesJumpei HITOMIEnvironmentalTurbidity currents, Flow behavior, Inclined rectangle flume, Lock-exchange method, Ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic velocity profiler (UVP), Rayleigh scattering, Particle concentrationRead & Download the PDF
2019Extending estimation of the critical deposition velocity in solid–liquid pipe flow to ideal and non-ideal particles at low and intermediate solid volume fractionsHugh P. RiceJeffrey Peakall, Michael Fairweather, Timothy N. HunterIndustry & processesParticle-laden flow, Acoustic measurements, Ultrasonics, Sediment transport, Radioactive wasteRead & Download the PDFLink
2019Ultrasonic spinning rheometry test on the rheology of gelled food for making better tasting dessertTaiki YoshidaYuji Tasaka, Peter FischerIndustry & processesUltrasonic spinning rheometry, non-Newtonian, food, dessertreadLink
2018Experimental Study on the Effects of Water-in-oil Emulsions to Wall Shear Stress in the Pipeline FlowS. S. DolS. F. Wong, S. K. Wee, J. S. LimWater-in-oil, Emulsions, Wall shear stress, Friction, Emulsification, Pipeline flowreadLink
2018Ultrasonic Measurement of Velocity Profile on Bubbly Flow Using a Single Resonant FrequencyWongsakorn WongsarojAri Hamdani, Natee Thong-un, Hideharu Takahashi and Hiroshige KikuraIndustry & processesUltrasonic; velocity profile; bubbly flow; single resonant frequencyreadLink
2018Velocity measurement on two-phase air bubble column flow using array Ultrasonic Velocity ProfilerMUNKHBAT BATSAIKHANARI HAMDANI & HIROSHIGE KIKURAIndustry & processesNuclear, Two-phase flows, air bubblereadLink
2018Instantaneous Flow Vector Measurement by a Pair of Ultrasound Doppler InstrumentsShun NomuraJumpei Hitomi, Giovanni De Cesare, Yuichi Murai, Yuji Tasaka, Yasushi Takeda, Hide SakaguchiEnvironmentalflow field, vector field, double-cast UVP system, turbidity current, particle-laden flowreadLink
2018Understanding turbulent free-surface vortex flows using a Taylor-Couette flow analogySean MulliganGiovanni De Cesare, John Casserly, Richard SherlockUrban & rural management2D ultrasonic velocity profiling, rotating flow, vortex, free-surface, Taylor-Couette, whirlpool, sewerreadLink
2018Flow Measurement for the Design Optimization of Fish Pass Entries in a Run of River Hydropower PlantPierre BourquiCédric Bron, Giovanni De CesareEnvironmentalflow field, physical modeling, fishway optimization, run of river hydropower plantread
2018Flow Limitation and Riverbank Protection Design Using Asymmetrical Flow Mapping on a Physical Hydraulic ModelZsolt VecsernyesNicolas AndreiniEnvironmentalasymetrical flow, velocity field mapping, orifice geometry design, river bank protectionread
2018Experimental Study of Tsunami-Like Waves Generated with a Vertical Release Technique on Dry and Wet BedsDavide WüthrichMichael Pfister, Ioan Nistor, M. ASCE, Anton SchleissEnvironmentaldam break, tsunami, dry bed surge, wet bed bore, velocity profiles, momentumread
2018Effect of Spilling from Adjacent Orifices on the Velocity Field and Pressures in Front of Needle Stop-LogsIvan StojnicCédric Bron, Azin Amini, Giovanni De CesareEnvironmentalStop-logs, pressure, velocity fieldread
2018Experimental Investigations of Different Bottom Shapes on the Temperature and Velocity Fields in a Fermentation Tank with a Biological Multiphase FlowDaniel KlembtHeiko MeironkeIndustry & processesUltrasonic Doppler Velocimetry, flow field measurement, biological fluid, multiphase flow, beer, fermentation tank, breweryread
20182D Ultrasonic Flow Mapping of the Secondary Flow Field in Free-Surface VorticesSean MulliganRichard Sherlock, John Casserly, Giovanni De CesareUrban & rural managementFree-surface vortex, vortex dropshafts, UDP array, 2D vector maps, Taylor-Couette flowsread
2018Flow Monitoring of Particle-laden Flows Combining Ultrasonic Doppler and Echo Intensity Profiling TechniquesJumpei HitomiShun Nomura, Giovanni De Cesare, Yasushi Takeda, Hyun Jin, Park, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi MuraiEnvironmentalEcho intensity, Particle-laden fluid, Particle number density distribution, Solid-liquid two-phase flow, Rotational flow, turbidity currents, sedimentation, two-phase flowsread
2018Estimation of 2D Velocity Vector Fields by Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimetry and EchographyKoki SawadaMegumi Akashi, Hyun Jin Park, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi MuraiResearch & educationNovel UVP method, echo intensity, multi-directional velocity components, flow field measurement, 2D velocity, Particle Tracking Velocimetry, PTV, interpolationread
2017Influence of relative fluid depth on initial bedform dynamics in closed horizontal pipe flowHugh P. RiceMichael Fairweather, Timothy Hunter, Jeffrey Peakall, Simon BiggsEnvironmentaltime-dependent bedform dynamics, solid plastic particles deposition, ultrasonic echo method, horizontal pipe flow, settled bed thickness, critical Shields number, hysteretic behaviourread
2016The flow dynamics behind a flexible finite cylinder as a flexible agitatorT H YongH B Chan, S S Dol, S K Wee and P KumarFlexible finite cylinder, Flow dynamics, Turbulence production, Single-phase flow, Vortex shedding, Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), Downwash phenomenon, Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP), Kármán vortices, Cantileverread Link
2016Velocity profiles of turbidity currents flowing over a flat bedSabine ChamounGiovanni De Cesare, Anton SchleissEnvironmentalultrasonic velocity profilers, turbidity currents, deceleration, body and head velocities, front velocityread
2016Velocity profile measurements in bore wavesDavide WüthrichMichael Pfister, Giovanni De Cesare, Anton SchleissEnvironmentalwet bed bores, tsunami, velocity profiles, ultrasonic velocity profiles, uvpread
2016Local velocity measurements in gravity driven flows with intense bedload of coarse particlesVojtech BaresStepan Zrostlik, Tomas Picek, Jan Krupicka, Vaclav MatousekEnvironmentalacoustic Doppler velocimetry, bed shear stress, bedload transport, particle fluid flow, ultrasonic velocity profilingread
2016Validating dilute settling suspensions numerical data through MRI-UVP-EIT measurementsRui César SilvaF.A.P. Garcia, P.M. Faia, Paul Krochak, Daniel Söderberg, Fredrik Lundell, M.G. RasteiroIndustry & processesMultiphase flow, dilute suspensions, settling particles suspensions, Mixture model, Solid–liquid suspensions, Magnetic resonance imaging, Electrical impedance tomography, Ultrasonic velocity profilingreadLink
2016Slurry Flow in Self-Formed Channels on Tailings BeachesAndrew ChryssLachlan Graham, Krishna MohanarangamIndustry & processesbeach slope, tailings deposit, slurry flow, tailings management, variable slope channel, carbopol solution, graded sandread
2016Determining the thermal flow structure inside fermenters with different shapes using Ultrasonic Doppler VelocimetryHeiko MeironkeDavid Kasch, Richard SiegIndustry & processesUltrasound Doppler Velocimetry, 2D flow field measurements, fermentation, multiphase flow, brewery, fermenting tanksread
2016Non intrusive flow velocity measurements in pressurized pipe with orificeNicolas J. AdamGiovanni De Cesare, Anton J. SchleissEnergyOrifice, non-intrusive velocity measurement, pressurized pipe, head loss, hydrogen bubbles acoustic reflectors, kinetic energyread
2016Void waves propagating in the bubbly two-phase turbulent boundary layer beneath a flat-bottom model ship during drag reductionHyun Jin ParkYoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi MuraiTransportModel ship, wall skin friction, bubbly drag reduction, BDR, bubbles injection, two phase flow, turbulent boundary layer, ship hull basinread
2016Ultrasonic velocity profiling as a wall shear stress sensor for turbulent boundary layersYuichi MuraiYuji Tasaka, Hyun Jin ParkResearch & educationNovel UVP method, wall shear stress, turbulent flow, boundary layer, ultrasound velocity profiling, drag reduction, non-intrusive shear stress measurement, bubbly two phase flow, friction coefficientread
2016Ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry experiment of lead lithium flowYoshitaka UekiYuya Noguchi, Juro Yagi, Teruya Tanaka, Takehiko Yokomine, Masaru Hirabayashi, Kuniaki Ara, Tomoaki Kunugi, Akio SagaraEnergyLead-lithium, eutectic alloy, PbLi, high-temperature liquid metal, ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry, nuclear fusion reactor, coolantread
2016Ultrasonic characterization of 3-D thermal turbulence confined by moderate aspect ratio boxMegumi AkashiYuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai, Takatoshi YanagisawaResearch & educationNatural convection, Thermal turbulence, Large scale flow, Flow reversal, Rayleigh-Bénard cellread
2016Transition of patterns in liquid metal convection under a horizontal magnetic fieldTakatoshi YanagisawaYuji Tasaka, Ataru Sakuraba, Takehiro Miyagoshi, Yozo HamanoResearch & educationRayleigh-Bénard convection, liquid metal, liquid Gallium, magnetic field, flow regimesread
2016Quantitative evaluation of rheological properties for complex fluids using ultrasonic spinning rheometryTaiki YoshidaYuji Tasaka, Yuichi MuraiResearch & educationNovel UVP method, ultrasound, rheometry, viscosity, thixotropy, shear flowread
2016On some influences of the geometry of a simplified flip-flop jet nozzleHiroyuki OtaKazuki Umemura, Tatsuya InoueResearch & educationFlip-flop jets, Flowmeter, Fluidic logic, Fluidics, Flow-induced vibration, velocity fluctuation, PIV, HWAread
2016Influence of surface roughness on the flow behavior in TVF and WVFLea PokornyN.J. Saikia, Yasushi Takeda, Erich J. WindhabResearch & educationSurface Roughness, Taylor-Couette flow, Wavy Vortex flow, Couette cell, cleaning procedure of dynamic membrane filtrationread
2016A novel design of ultrasonic spinning rheometryYuji TasakaTaiki Yoshida, Yuichi MuraiResearch & educationNovel UVP method, ultrasonic spinning rheometry, Effective viscosity, Viscoelasticity, Rotating flow, Spatio-temporal velocity data, silicon oilread
2014Velocity distribution in open channel flow with intense sediment transport of granular materialVojtech BaresStepan Zrostlik, Tomas Picek, Jan Krupicka, Vaclav MatousekEnvironmentalvelocity distribution, open channel flow, intense sediment transport, acoustic Doppler anemometryread
2014Regime diagram of thermal convection in liquid metal with horizontal magnetic fieldTakatoshi YanagisawaYozo Hamano, Takehiro Miyagoshi, Yasuko Yamagishi, Ataru Sakuraba, Yuji Tasaka, Kazuto Igaki, Yasushi TakedaEnvironmentalRayleigh-Benard convection, liquid metal, horizontal magnetic field, flow regimesread
2014Measuring particle concentration in multiphase pipe flow using acoustic backscatter generalization of the dual frequency inversion methodHugh P. RiceMichael Fairweather, Timothy Hunter, Bashar Mahmoud, Simon BiggsEnvironmentalbackscattered signals, solid particles suspensions, concentration profiles, dual-frequency inversion method, multiphase turbulent pipe flow, quartz sandread
2014Flow and turbulence characterization as an onset for assessing the stability of gravel bedsD. DumaSébastien Erpicum, P. Archambeau, M. Pirotton, B. DewalsEnvironmentalturbulence intensities, quasi-uniform and non-uniform flowgravel beds motion inception, river bed stability, gravel bedread
2014Dynamic analysis of the interaction between unconfined turbidity currents and obstaclesRichard I. WilsonHeide FriedrichEnvironmentalturbidity current, ultrasonic Doppler velocity profiler, basin, obstacle, substrateread
2014Acoustic measurements of a liquefied cohesive sediment bed under wavesRodrigo MosqueraV. Groposo, Francisco PedocchiEnvironmentalcohesive sediment deposit, water waves, bed response, bed shear stressread
2014Experimental studies of convection flow during the fermentation process of beer by means of Ultrasonic Doppler VelocimetryHeiko MeironkeIndustry & processesUltrasonic Doppler Velocimetry, 2D flow field measurements, fermentation, multiphase flow, CO2 bubbles, yeast sedimentationread
2014Flow field UVP measurements of a Y-shape outlet structureAlexandre J. PachoudGiovanni De CesareEnergypump-storage scheme, outlet work, flow field, ultrasonic velocity profiler UVP, physical modellingread
2014Ultrasound detection of wall-travelling bubbles for diagnosis of drag reductionHyun Jin ParkHirohide Kayukawa, Yoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi MuraiTransportBubble cluster, channel flow, ultrasonic bubble detection, statistics, bubble injection, turbulent boundary layer, bubble drag reduction, BDR, void fraction fluctuationread
2014Comparison between different Instruments for Discharge Measurements in RiversRobert SchatzlFlow meteringDischarge measurements, current meter, ADCP technology, rivers, open channels, monitoring, rating curves calculation, small rivers, AquaProfiler, HydroProfilerread
2014An influence of obstacle plate for uncertainty of flowrate measurement using ultrasonic Doppler methodNoriyuki FuruichiFlow meteringFlowrate, Uncertainty, Multi-path measurement, Calibration, National Metrology Institute of Japan NMIJ, distorted flow, obstacle platesread
2014Viscoelastic response of flow driven by a moving permeable diskTakahiro NakashimaTakahisa Shiratori, Yoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai, Yasushi Takeda, Erich J. WindhabResearch & educationViscoelastic flow, Permeable disk, Polyacrylamide, External flow, new mixing technique, Flow Induced Vibration, FIV, polymer processingread
2014Onset of oscillatory instability in Rayleigh Bernard convection of a liquid metal layer under a horizontal magnetic fieldYudai YamaguchiKazuto Igaki, Yuji Tasaka, Sven Eckert, Tobias Vogt, Takatoshi YanagisawaResearch & educationUltrasonic flow visualization, Liquid metal, liquid Gallium, allow GaInSn, thermal convection, thermal turbulence, Flow instability, magnetic field, geoscience, geo-dynamoread
2014Model free rheometry based on unsteady velocity profile analysisTakahisa ShiratoriYoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai, Yasushi TakedaResearch & educationRheometry, rheology, viscoelasticity, unsteady flows, shear thinning, velocity distribution, UVP, PTV, silicon oil, viscoelastic fluid, polymer chemistryread
2014Mapping of radial velocity component in Taylor Couette flow with Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry UVPLea PokornyYasushi Takeda, Erich J. WindhabResearch & educationUVP flow mapping, Taylor-Couette flow, Wavy Vortex flow, Spiral vortex flow, Couette cell, conical rotor, sampling time of pulsesread
2014Extraction of fluid flow information from spatio-temporal UVP data obtained in rotating configurationsYuji TasakaResearch & educationFlow field, effective viscosity, rotating flows, rotating system, noise reduction, flow field, fluid propertiesread
2013Decomposition of incident and reflected surface waves using Ultrasonic Velocity ProfilerRodrigo MosqueraFrancisco PedocchiEnvironmentalcoastal engineering, incident and reflected waves, wave flume, wave reflection, first second wave harmonicread
2012Peristaltic flow characterization of shear thinning fluid through elastic tube by UVPSamsun NaharJeelani Shaik, Yasushi Takeda, Erich WindhabEnvironmentalelastic tube, in vitro, peristaltic flow, shear thinning fluidread
2012One and two dimensional UVP velocity sampling in a cuboidal basin subject to in and outflow sequencesMichael MüllerGiovanni De Cesare, Anton SchleissEnvironmentalin out flow sequences, reservoir, jet centerline velocity, 2D flow patternsread
2012Investigation of slurry flows in rectangular pressurized pipe flow by means of ultrasonic velocimetryVojtech BaresTomas Picek, Jan Krupicka, Jan Brabec, Vaclav MatousekEnvironmentalpressurized flow, Reynolds stress, slurry flow, ultrasonic velocimetry, velocity distributionread
2012Fluid flow characterization of process equipment using ultrasonic pulsed Doppler techniqueKrishna MohanarangamKosta Simic, Andrew Brent, Philip FawellIndustry & processesProcess industry, pilot-scale, process equipment, feedwell, UVP, CFD modelling, wastewater, mineral processing, thickener, flocculation reactorread
2012Development of an industrial UVP+PD based rheometer optimisation of UVP system and transducer technologyJohan WiklundReinhardt Kotzé, Rainer Haldenwang, Mats StadingIndustry & processesUltrasonic Velocity Profiling, in-line rheometry, industrial applications, ultrasonic transducer, concentrated suspensions, non-Newtonian fluids, rheology, delay line transducer, stainless steel piperead
2012Characteristic velocity distribution of rectangular duct flow of a magnetic fluid under magnetic fieldMasaaki MOTOZAWATsukasa SEKINE, Tatsuo SAWADA, Yasuo KAWAGUCHIIndustry & processesMagnetic fluid, Rectangular duct flow, UVP, Uniform magnetic field, opaque liquid, two-phase flow, colloidal dispersionread
2012Application of the Ultrasound Velocity Profiling + Pressure Difference (UVP+PD) method for cement based groutsMashuqur RahmanUlf Hakansson, Johan WiklundIndustry & processesCement grouts, in-line rheometry, cement suspensions, UVP+PD method, grouting, cement rheologyread
2012Cavitation risk estimation at orifice spillway based on UVP and dynamic pressure measurementsMichael PfisterRafael Duarte, Michael Müller, Giovanni De CesareEnergyCavitation, pressure, spillway, turbulence, velocity, risk estimation, dynamic pressureread
2012Uncertainty analysis of flowrate measurement using UVPNoriyuki FuruichiFlow meteringFlowrate, Velocity profile, Calibration, Uncertainty, velocity resolution, transducer inclination angle, National Metrology Institute of Japan NMIJ, GUM uncertainty analysis, Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurementread
2012Ultrasonic flow field measurement of a rotating flow with free surfaceYuji TasakaYuichi Murai, Makoto IimaResearch & educationFlow field, Free surface, Rotating flow, Ultrasonic echo intensity, 2D velocity field, interface detectionread
2012Random reversals of flow direction in Rayleigh Benard convection of liquid metal under a uniform magnetic fieldTakatoshi YanagisawaTakehiro Miyagoshi, Yasuko Yamagishi, Yozo Hamano, Ataru Sakuraba, Yuji Tasaka, Yasushi TakedaResearch & educationRayleigh-Bénard convection, liquid metal, liquid Gallium, horizontal magnetic field, flow reversal, Earth outer core dynamicread
2012Optimisation of UVP measurements using new transducer technology and advanced signal processing techniquesReinhardt KotzéJohan Wiklund, Rainer HaldenwangResearch & educationNovel UVP method, near wall velocity, ultrasonic delay line transducer, deconvolution, acoustic characterisation, Cellulose, Bentonite, Kaolin, mineral suspensionsread
2012Heat and momentum transfer of a buoyant blob in low Prandtl number fluidsKazuto IgakiRyuta Abe, Yuji Tasaka, Ichiro Kumagai, Yuichi MuraiResearch & educationHeat and momentum transfer, low Prandtl number, liquid metal, liquid Gallium, thin container, convection, thermal plumeread
2012Development of rotational rheometers by introducing UVPTakahisa ShiratoriIchiro Kumagai, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai, Yasushi TakedaResearch & educationNovel UVP method, rheometry, rheology, rotating cylinder, multi velocity components, polyacrylamide solution, silicone oilread
2011IN-LINE RHEOLOGICAL MEASUREMENTS OF CEMENT BASED GROUTS USING THE UVP-PD METHODMashuqur RahmanUlf Håkansson, Skanska ABIndustry & processesGrouting, Rheology, In-line rheometry, Cement grouts, Cement suspensions, UVP-PD method Ultrasound velocity profiling, Flow profilingreadLink
2011Ultrasonic velocimetry for the in situ characterisation of particulate settling and sedimentationTimothy HunterJeff Peakall, Simmon BiggsEnvironmentalmineral engineering, settling behaviour, sedimentation, particles dispersions, sediment bed interface time evolution, coagulated non-coagulated particlesread
2011Acoustic measurement of suspended sediment concentration profiles in an oscillatory boundary layerFrancisco PedocchiMarcelo GarciaEnvironmentalPhase-averaged velocity, turbulent Reynolds stress profiles, oscillatory boundary layer, acoustic backscatter, novel method, sediment concentration profilesread
2010Ultrasound velocity profile measurement in shallow open-channel flowsJoão N. FernandesJoão B. Leal, António H. CardosoResearch & educationKeywords separated by comma: Ultrasonic Velocity Profile (UVP), Shallow open-channel flows, Velocity measurements, Flume experiments, Seeding materials, Sensitivity analysis, Diagonal and horizontal probe positioning, Streamwise and transverse velocities, Noise and spike elimination, Friction velocityread
2010Development of a multiphase flow meter by means of multiple ultrasonic velocity profile measurementsS. Roberto Gonzalez A.Yuichi Murai, Yuji Tasaka, Yasushi TakedaIndustry & processesMulti phase flow, flow meter, Doppler, interface detectionreadLink
2010Steady and unsteady flow characteristics of a shear thinning fluid through a collapsed elastic tubeSamsun NaharJeelani Shaik, Erich WindhabEnvironmentalbio-medical application, deformed elastic tube, intestinal flow, non-Newtonian fluid, steady and unsteady flow, transmural pressure, ultrasound Doppler velocity profileread
2010Flow field and sediment deposition in a rectangular shallow reservoir with non symmetric inlet and outlet configurationErica CamnasioGiovanni De Cesare, Sameh KantoushEnvironmentalUVP measurements, shallow reservoirs, velocity flow field, suspended sedimentsread
2010Experiments on water jet induced cyclonic circulation measurement of flow pattern and sediment concentration at reservoir outlet worksJolanda Jenzer AlthausGiovanni De Cesare, Anton SchleissEnvironmentalreservoir sedimentation, water jet, experiment, flow field, suspended sediment, sediment concentrationread
2010Ultrasound based methods for acoustic characterization in line viscosity and solid fat content SFC measurements of fat blendsEmma Levenstam BragdJohan Wiklund, Paul Wassell, Niall W.G. YoungIndustry & processesUltrasound, in-line, rheometry, viscosity, SFC, food industry, trans fatty acids, fat crystallization monitoringread
2010Measurement and Analysis of Flow Behaviour in Complex Geometries using Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling UVP TechniqueReinhardt KotzéJohan Wiklund, Rainer Haldenwang, Veruscha FesterIndustry & processesVelocity profiles, Complex geometries, Diaphragm valve, contraction-expansion, non- Newtonian, pipeline systems, hyperbolic contractionread
2010River intake and desander efficiency testing on a physical model using UVP and LSPIVGiovanni De CesareJuliano M. Ribeiro, Sameh A. Kantoush, Matteo P.E.A. FederspielEnergyHydraulic model tests, run-of-river power plant, river intake, desander, UVP, LSPIV, suspended sediment evacuationread
2010Velocity profiling of viscoelastic fluids around a falling sphereTakahisa ShiratoriKazuya Oyama, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai, Yasushi TakedaResearch & educationViscoelastic fluid, Falling sphere, Ultrasonic velocity profiling, Multi-dimensional flow, validation by PIVread
2010Ultrasound Doppler rheometry from spin response of viscoelastic and bubbly LiquidsYuichi MuraiYuji Tasaka, Kosuke Sakurai, Kazuya Oyama, Yasushi TakedaResearch & educationUltrasound rheometry, Spinning response, Ultrasonic velocity profiling, Viscoelasticity, liquid food, bubbly liquidread
2009Ultrasonic techniques for the in situ characterisation of legacy waste sludgeTimothy HunterSimon Biggs, Jeffrey PeakallUrban & rural managementSettling behaviour, oxide sludges, free settling sludge systems, Legacy waste ponds, slurry flowread
2008Vortices at intake works of pump-storage schemesRémi MartinerieMichael Muller, Giovanni De Cesare, Jean-Louis BoillatEnergypump-storage hydropower scheme, water intake, vortex, frazil ice entrainment, velocity field, ultrasonic velocity profiler UVPread
2008Instantaneous three dimensional flow structure in a suction sump by 3D PTV and UVP measurementsKatsuya HirataYuki Nakatani, Katsuhisa Inagaki, Jiro FunakiEnergyPump, Water Tank, Two-Phase Flow, Suction Sump, Suction Pipe, 3D-PTVread
2008Experimental study for thermal striping in LBE loop by using UVP with high-temperature ultrasonic transducerHironari ObayashiKenji KikuchiEnergyLiquid metal, High temperature, UVP, Erosion, ADS, accelerator driven system, Lead Bismuth Eutectic, LBE, thermal stripingread
2008Application of in-line ultrasound Doppler based UVP-PD method to concentrated model and industrial suspensionsJohan WiklundMats StadingIndustry & processesRheology, suspensions, non-Newtonian, in-line, ultrasoundreadLink
2008Open channel Discharge Measurement based on Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Profiling Laboratory ExperimentsVojtech BaresJan Krajdl, Jaroslav PollertFlow meteringDischarge measurement, open-channel flow, ultrasonic anemometry, velocity profile, inflow outflow of waste water treatment plant, no calibrationread
2006Flow velocity measurements using Ultrasound Doppler Velocity Method 10 years experience in hydraulic modelingGiovanni De CesareGiovanni De Cesare, Jean-Louis BoillatFlow meteringUltrasound Doppler Velocity Profile, UVP, physical modeling, hydraulic engineering, flow measurementread
2006Spatial-temporal Variation of Turbulence Characteristics in Sewer FlowVojtech BaresJakub Jirak, Jaroslav PollertUrban & rural managementcircular tube, Reynolds stress, sewer, sediment deposits, unsteady flow, velocity profile, storm sewer flows, free surface, turbulence intensities, rough bedread
2006Flow Pattern Visualization of Combined Sewer OverflowVojtech BaresJaroslav Pollert, Petr SrnicekUrban & rural managementCFD, 2D flow visualization, receiving water, sewer, ultrasonic Doppler method, velocity profile, CSO design, suspended solid content, discharge distribution, flow patternread
2006Flow Measurements in a Suction Sump by UVPKatsuya HirataMasakatsu Hattori, Masashi Neya, Jiro FuanakiEnergysuction sump, open sump, two-phase flow, vortex, pump, water tank, power generation, irrigation, drainageread
2004Using Ultrasonic Velocity Profile Measurements in an Air-Vessel Type Surge-Tank ModelR. KlasincM. Larcher, A. PredinEnergysurge tank, air flow, velocity profiles, air bubbles, degassing, surge chamber, pumped storage station, turbine casingread
2004Ultrasonic Measurements in Ice Slurry Generation by Direct Contact EvaporationDidier VuarnozD. Ata-Caesar, Osmann Sari, Peter William EgolfEnergyIce slurry, jet, bubbles, drop, drobble, refrigerant, two phase fluid, evaporation chamber, phase changeread
2004Flow Measurement in an Open Channel by UVPKaoru YokoyamaNaoya Kashiwaguma, Tomoyuki Okubo, Yasushi TakedaFlow meteringFlow in open channel, Velocity distribution, Discharge, UVP, 1D flow, environmental flowread
2004Development of Flow Rate Measurement on Open Channel Flow Using Ultrasonic Doppler MethodTakashi ArimatsuSanehiro Wada, Hiroshige Kikura, Masanori Aritomi, Michitsugu MoriFlow meteringultrasonic Doppler velocity profiler, open channel, velocity profile, multiline measurement, accurate flow rateread
2002Unsteady Free-surface Flow Analysis in Circular Tube using Ultrasonic Doppler MethodVojtech BaresJaroslav PollertUrban & rural managementunsteady flow, flood wave, pipe flow, shear stress, ultrasonic Doppler method, urban drainage systems, waste water, free-surface pipe flow, turbulence, steady unsteady flows, wall shear stressread
2002Ultrasonic velocity profiler UVP-XW for Ice-slurry flow characterisationDidier VuarnozOsmann Sari, Peter William Egolf, H. LiardonEnergyice slurry, ice particles, cooling system, rheology, plug flow, rheometry, heat transfer, thermal energy transfer, multi-phase suspension, high viscosityread
2002Multiline Flow Rate Measurement using Ultrasonic Doppler MethodSanehiro WadaHiroshige Kikura, Masanori Aritomi, Yasushi Takeda, Michitsugu MoriFlow meteringUltrasonic Doppler method, ultrasound, flow rate measurement, velocity profile, mulit line transducers, non developed flow, metallic pipe flow, Plexiglas, Carbon Steel, Aluminiumread
1999Development of a new type flow metering system using UVP - 1 Principle, Configuration, and Laboratory experimentsMichitsugu MoriYasushi Takeda, Noriyuki Furuichi, Masanori Aritomi, Hiroshige KikuraFlow meteringFlow rate measurement, metallic wall crossing, stainless steel pipe, ultrasound transmissionread
1999Development of a new flow metering system using UVP 2 Comparison with weight measurement at NISTYasushi TakedaNoriyuki Furuichi, Michitsugu Mori, Masanori Aritomi, Hiroshige KikuraFlow meteringFlow rate measurement, National Institute of Standard and Technology USA, NIST standard calibration system, UVP flow metering accuracy, metallic pipe flow, emitting frequency influenceread
1998An experimental investigation on thermal striping Mixing phenomena of a vertical non-buoyant jet with two adjacent buoyant jets as measured by ultrasound Doppler velocimetryA. TokuhiroN. KimuraEnergyThermal Striping, Mixing Phenomena, Vertical Non-Buoyant Jet, Buoyant Jets, Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry (UDV), Convective Mixing, Turbulent Heat Flux, Reactor Engineering, Temperature Difference, Velocity RatioreadLink
1996Application of the Ultrasound Velocity Measuring Technique to Stirred Vessel Flows with Multi Element StirrersP. WachterW. Steidl, M. Hofken, F. DurstUrban & rural managementwaste water treatment plant, stirred tanks, aerated tanks, bottom velocity, radial flow, 2D flow map, turbulenceread
1996Application of the ultrasound velocity measuring technique to stirred vessel flow (complete proceeding)P. WachterW. Steidl, M. Hofken, F. DurstUrban & rural managementwaste water treatment plant, stirred tanks, aerated tanks, bottom velocity, radial flow, 2D flow map, turbulenceread
1996Investigation of free and forced flows of relevance to fast reactor thermohydraulics using the ultrasonic Doppler methodAkira TokuhiroEnergyUVP, water, mixed convective flow, penetrating flow, vertical mixing layer, buoyant jet, stirred vortex flow, flow mapping, two-dimensional velocity field, steady- and transient measurement, spectral analysis, heat transfer, thermal striping, hot water jets, reactor cooling by liquid metalread
1996An Overview of Experiments using the Ultrasonic Doppler Method at the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation PNCAkira TokuhiroJ. Kobayashi, Y. Ohki, H. Hayashida and H. KamideEnergyUVP, water, sodium, pipe flow, mixed convective flow, penetrating flow, vertical mixing layer, buoyant jet, stirred vortex flow, flow mapping:! twodimensional velocity field, steady and transient measurement, thermo-acoustic calibration, high-temperature transducers, , reactor cooling by liquid metal, thermal stripingread
1996An experimental investigation on thermal striping. Mixing phenomena of a non-buoyant jet with two adjacent buoyant jets as measured by ultrasound Doppler velocimetryAkira TokuhiroEnergyUVP, water, mixed convective flow, penetrating flow, vertical mixing layer, buoyant jet, stirred vortex flow, flow mapping, two-dimensional velocity field, steady- and transient measurement, spectral analysis, heat transfer, thermal striping, hot water jets, reactor cooling by liquid metal read

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